Our Manufacturing Facility

Our automotive products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified facility that also blends sophisticated, food-grade industrial water treatment products using all stainless steel equipment and reverse osmosis water.  




  Our No-Rosion and HyperKuhl coolant additives are very "loaded" products that require painstaking care in order to facilitate 100% solubility of the many specialized ingredients. 

The blending process is as much art as science, and involves the methodical, sequential addition of each ingredient over a period of several days. 

There are over 25 steps, some of which require specific temperatures, and must be separated by 24 hours in order to achieve a "clean" product. 

Many of the same raw materials in our automotive coolant additives are used to manufacture large volumes of industrial water treatment products. This provides our firm with strong purchasing power with raw material suppliers, an important strategic advantage. Our customers benefit by having access to very sophisticated products at very competitive pricing.

Most staff members have been with us for many years, as the industrial chemical business is less cyclical than the consumer automotive chemical business.


  Our extensive quality control program allows us to provide a 100% GUARANTEE of quality and integrity for every single bottle of product we produce. 

On the back of the neck of each bottle you will find a batch number.  For every batch we produce, we retain samples in our lab for a period of no less than 12 months. This allows us to quickly and easily identify QC issues, and continue to monitor product stability long after product has already been shipped to customers.  

In the unlikely event there were ever any problems, we can very precisely identify which batch was affected, how many bottles were produced, and to whom they were distributed. 


Our analytical lab is staffed with PhD chemists, providing full in-house capabilities. Ongoing corrosion and temperature reduction research keeps us on the forefront of technology. 

We also provide metallurgy services useful in diagnosing corrosion issues. If provided a failed radiator, we can identify the exact cause of the failure and provide specific preventative recommendations. 

  Our coolant products are packaged in impact-resistant, clear PVC bottles that show off the color and clarity of the liquid inside. Caps utilize PS-22 pressure sensitive seals that include proper consumer safety placards.

Durable, chemical-resistant holographic labels adorn each bottle of product. They provide outstanding brand recognition, and represent award-winning label technology.  


Private label shipments are made via 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon tote tanks, or bulk tankers.

All shipments are accompanied by the necessary DOT documents and MSDS info. Our staff of in-house certified industrial hygienists (CIH) assure that all products are up-to-date at all times in the areas of compliance and regulatory issues. 


DID YOU KNOW...   No-Rosion was in the cooling systems and fuel systems of ten award-winning classics at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!

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